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Idaho Senior Independent

It’s hard to imagine a more complete and easier to use medical emergency guide when you are totally off the grid and will be for some time.

Nutty Hiker

I love how he has broken up the chapters in this book and the way it is organized. The contents section at the beginning is very well organized and allows you to quickly find the page you need based on the ailment. The chapters themselves are organized well, allowing you to quickly thumb through to find the section you need.

Buzzard Bushcraft

I can't recommend it highly enough, this book should be read and re-read often and carried in your pack on every expedition.

Backdoor Survival

A medical book can be right on target but I always ask myself before buying any reference book “Does it have solutions that I can actually use?” The answer, in this case, is that “The Prepper’s Medical Handbook” has a ton of solutions that are all within the skill level and resources of the average American today.

reThink Survival

The Prepper’s Medical Handbook by Dr. Forgey is clearly well-written, truly informative, and condenses decades of knowledge into an easily referenced resource we should all have in our SHTF library. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy today.

- Damian Brindle reThink Survival

Hibiscus House

Preppers, Hikers, Campers, Outdoor Survivalists: You must have this book if you're even thinking of going off the grid.

- Hibiscus House  

Bush Camping Tools

If ever there was a text that should be mandatory for peppers to read - and not just prepares but anyone who just wants to be responsibly prepared for a worst case scenario. 

Waldhandwerk - Bushcraft Survival

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Absolute best medical book I ever read

Prepper Broadcasting Network


A month ago I received THE PREPPER'S MEDICAL handbook and I was blown away.

Its easy to understand, simple to navigate and laid out in a way that makes it a great resource for the average person. The second wave of COVID-19 could affect hospitals again.

It might be up to you to treat your loved ones!

Midwest Outdoor Journal

Forgey provides extensive help in situational assessment – is it heartburn or heart attack? Twisted, strained, broken ankle? And how to stabilize the situation. This is not so much a book to carry with you, but a book to read – cover-to-cover – every year or so. If things turn sour, what Doc Forgey calls prepping could be just what you need.

- Tim Mead   

Nobody Hikes in LA

Hopefully, none of us will ever be in a situation where we will need to apply the information in this book, but if the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that you never know. If we are ever off the grid by our own choosing or by unforeseen circumstances and have an unexpected medical problem, Dr. Google won’t be able to help us, but Dr. Forgey will.

Hunt Tested

The Prepper’s Medical Handbook is an excellent resource to arm yourself with the in-depth medical first aid knowledge that you need. The book is 320 pages and it’s full of photos and illustrations. There is also a useful lookup index in the back of the book. It is incredibly comprehensive and covers almost every first aid medical issue that you can imagine, and many that you wouldn’t have thought of before. It is informative, authoritative, and interesting to read.

Peter Schroeder

With clear explanations of how to perform life-saving techniques even if you have only minimal training, this book is literally a survivor manual for everyone from city slickers to rugged outdoor adventurers. No wonder that at more than 300 pages, Prepper’s Medical Handbook could serve as an introductory text book for medical students.


Dr. Forgey's book offers several ways to quickly find the information you need with illustrations that can be interpreted at a glance.


Highly recommend whether you're a prepper or (considering the recent pandemic) a proactive parent trying to keep the family out of harms way.


This book couldn't be more important for times like today. If you take your safety and your family's safety seriously, the tips you will learn in this book could save your life. Can't recommend it highly enough!


Excellent and informative!

"How to provide medical care when you can't rely on anyone but yourself"
Truer words were never spoken by author William W. "Doc" Forgey.

I completely recommend this book to outdoorsmen and women, and in fact anyone who likes to travel outside of their comfort zone.


This is an excellent book to have on hand. The organization of this book is easy to follow - it tells you how to reference material easily along with tables and references for diagnosis.


Great book to have incase of a dire event. The Preppers Medical Handbook, helps you to take care of emergencies, when there is no one to rely on but yourself. The Preppers Medical Handbook is a must in every home.


This is an excellent medical reference for the lay person looking to bolster their medical preps.

This is the “ONE”, medical book for preppers

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