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Image by Markus Spiske
  • Medical emergencies on or off the grid

  • Operating without supplies when grid is choked or collapsed

  • Medical alternatives and herbal therapy

  • Managing bone, joint, soft tissue and other trauma

  • Pain and fever

  • Dental emergencies

  • Bioterrorism and infectious disease outbreak

  • Environmental emergencies

  • Radiation exposure

  • Poisoning

The basis of adequate prepping is being prepared for both common and dire events that may occur under the worst of all possible circumstances. These circumstances might include the breakdown in normal emergency support services (such as calling 911), the lack of an ability to obtain additional supplies, and the probability that you will not be able to rely on anyone but members of your immediate group or yourself.

Prepping requires forethought with regard to food, water supplies, power, and protection – all areas of significant technical preparation. Self-reliant medical care is no exception.

This book provides the basis of prevention, identification, and long-term management of survivable medical conditions and can be performed with minimal training. It helps you identify sources of materials you will need and should stock-pile, it discusses storage issues, and directs you to sources for more complex procedures that require advanced concepts of field-expedient techniques used by trained medical persons such as surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, or midwifes and obstetricians.

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